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JPC Techno Inc is a technology company that collaborates with clients to design and develop new businesses capabilities. We leverage on new and innovative IT strategies to enhance business performance and achieve operational efficiency. Our focused efforts aim to drive value through the adoption of bespoke processes and right technologies.

Software Development

At JPC Techno Inc, we understand that the clients’ technology needs are always different. So, our offer of IT services and solutions is based on one objective: Design and develop flexible, scalable and user-friendly services and solutions. 


Training Programs

At JPC Techno Inc we have a point of consensus, that the right training inputs are the only assurance for successful project completion and delivery. IT Training as we understand is a continuous process, with new training programs enhancing the skill sets of project staff and preparing them for the new and challenging IT trends. 


Mobile APP Solutions

JPC Techno Inc offers cost-effective and feature-rich mobile apps development. We could sustain customer satisfaction by offering custom and value driven mobile apps services. Our team includes experts who have worked on major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development. 


IT Consulting

JPC Techno Inc's IT consulting practice brings to businesses the benefits of increased revenues, IT infrastructure optimization, change management, risk mitigation and enhanced network security and performance.  




Offer design, development, testing and maintenance services on a continuous basis

Further collaborative environment to achieve effective synchronization of process and information systems

Offer game changer technologies and consulting support, that helps to enhance business process efficiency, and increases client business' focus on core competencies

Harness on innovative and bespoke technologies to design, and develop better services and products

Provide affordable and prompt staffing services that are crucial for the success of core processes and vital for the development of mission critical applications

Scale-up project personnel' competencies by developing innovative training programs Training enhances the project staff' knowledge of new technologies and makes them better prepared for the challenges specific to their industry

Build a sustainable and competitive technology strategy that will result in enhanced quality and process excellence

Provide a flexible business strategy where the client can avail our support on critical, core and tactical decision-making

Bring to each client engagement our experience in multiple projects across industries, technologies and business cultures

Provide each business the inordinate benefits of Ecommerce by design and development of right-fit and custom online shopping applications  

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