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About Us


JPC Techno Inc is an end-to-end technology and consulting company that is fast emerging as a game changer in the US IT market. We offer full-fledged support to clients and businesses across US to scale up their IT strengths, achieve operational efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction and beat the competition.

JPC Techno Inc is headquartered in Arizona, USA. We pioneer the introduction of game changer technologies and methods in the domains of Custom Application Development, Web Design and Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Testing, Consulting, Staffing and Training.
As a new genre technology company, JPC Techno Inc keeps the client’ business up-to-date with new technologies, applications and business strategies. Our technology and consulting practice achieves fundamental changes in business models, and creates phenomenal impact on each business’ bottom line.

Talent development, our major forte, includes the offer of right staffing services and conduct of bespoke training programs across US. By way of prompt staffing, we aim to build competitiveness and productivity of businesses. Our affordable and value-driven training activities help clients scale-up competencies of project personnel who help to sustain profitability, business growth and momentum.

By leveraging on the benefits of our global onsite-offshore delivery model, we aim to offer world-class technology and consulting services. Our delivery model brings two-fold benefit to each client engagement: Software architects and consultants with wide experience in handling simple to complex projects, and the design and development of cost-effective and customized software solutions.

To emerge as the leading IT company for game changer technologies, latest design and development services, innovative staffing solutions, and bespoke training activities.

To provide innovative, creative, and personalized services to clients and businesses across different verticals and sectors.

JPC Techno Inc was founded by a team of software architects and global business consultants. Each team member brings to the company, professional maturity and real-time experience in projects of global magnitude. With a determined goal to bring excellence and success to each project engagement, we persevere to drive lasting value for each client’s business. 

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