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At JPC Techno Inc, we understand that the clients’ technology needs are always different. So, our offer of IT services and solutions is based on one objective: Design and develop flexible, scalable and user-friendly services and solutions.

We aim to make technology cost-effective, reliable, scalable and user-friendly. Our focused efforts are to create the right environment for small and medium businesses to negotiate and avail technology inputs as per their needs and utility.

Our technology services portfolio features the following differentiators:

1. Simplicity: Easier and quicker means in deploying software and developing applications

2. Flexibility: Our customized solutions help in reducing technical difficulties associated with upgrades and enhancements

3. Control: We provide scalable solutions that mean to impart the benefits of cost optimization and orchestration

4. Accessibility: With instant support provided online, and grievances promptly attended, there is no scope for any fall-out of functionality failures

5. Cost: To start, our technology solutions come at a lesser price. However, as the client grows and the business turns complex, the demand for technology upgrades increases and the costs of support may be rationalized

Application Development

JPC Techno Inc's application development portfolio includes new applications, features, extensions, upgrades, improved versions and enhancements to each client's business applications. We deal in end-to-end application development services that begin with conceptualization, and moves into specification, design, architecture, implementation, testing and deployment.

Windows Application Development
JPC Techno Inc has experienced and dedicated developers to create Windows based applications at competitive prices. Our Windows application development includes,

• Utility apps
• Task management enhancing apps
• Seamless data connectivity apps
• Media enhancement apps
• Pocket Outlook managers and development for MS Office Mobile
• Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)
• Windows mobile game application

By leveraging on Windows Apps Development, we aim to bring the following benefits to our clients.

• Endorsement via messaging
• Mobile Social Networking
• Utilities Application development
• Internet applications, GPS and Navigation apps
• Access Multimedia application development on window platform
• Bulk messaging via SMS Gateway
• Local and location search access
• Communication & System apps

JPC Techno Inc's brings rich and wide experience in Windows applications development to each project activity. We develop all sorts of Windows applications based on Windows mobile platform. Our service differentiators are definitely on-time project completion, and adherence to transparent business policies.

Web Application Development
JPC Techno Inc deals with simple to complex web-based application development. Our web-based application development services offer reliability, scalability, security and affordability to businesses that aim to leverage on the power of web to run different applications.

Each web development project comes with the benefits of cost effective development. All our web based applications are made to work with all possible operating system versions and configurations. With anywhere accessibility features, each web application is built for easy customization to meet the needs of different users.

Our web based application development provides for high level of interoperability. So, we can integrate a web-based shopping cart with a web-based accounting package. We leverage on the robust web based architecture to achieve this integration across diverse systems.

Our web based applications are easy to install and maintain. By installing new versions and upgrades on the host server, we make user access simple and effortless. Finally, the purpose of web based application development is to deliver tangible business benefits.

JPC Techno Inc' web based application development is dependent on three core technologies: Java based solutions (J2EE), Microsoft .NET platform, and the Open Source platform (PHP and MySQL). Shifting technologies helps us to develop custom web based applications for small businesses with marginal budgets as well as large enterprises that operate at a global level.

Content Management
JPC Techno Inc leverages on the latest Content Management Systems software to bring the best user experience, high scalability, easy maintenance and upgrades, and reduced overall project cost.

Our CMS consultants help small and medium businesses to leverage on open source CMSs such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, that allow for rapid content editing, publishing and reviewing features.

CMS websites are offered to clients whose concern is cost-effective web presence, and reduced time-to-market features. Our CMS development support includes,

• Ensure compliance with web standards of W3C
• Promote a full theme system which makes website designing simple and effortless
• Offer flexibility in use of templates, one template all through the website or different templates for different pages
• Provide for different users to access, edit, publish and administer the pages
• Handle flexibly different types of content: Video, text, blog, podcasts, and polls
• Allow for robust user management, menu handling, real-time statistics and optional revision control

E-Commerce Solutions
ECommerce or online shopping has changed the way customers perceive shopping. Online shopping offers the comfort of shopping anywhere, and anytime. The ECommerce websites provide for shopping carts, payment gateways, flexible and customizable options.

JPC Techno Inc helps businesses to leverage on the potential of ECommerce. We offer end-to-end ECommerce solutions to businesses in retail, product sales, manufacturing, FMCG, distribution, pharmacy and beauty care, food processing and other industries. Each online shop created is custom built to match the customer's business and online expectations.

With no limits set on the number of products that can be uploaded online, under different categories, we offer each client consistent quality, great look and feel, and enchanting design. With us, each online business can experience the next level of virtual presence that is enjoy branding continuity. Each ECommerce website comes with multiple features and functionalities.

Mobile Apps
JPC Techno Inc offers cost-effective and feature-rich mobile apps development. We could sustain customer satisfaction by offering custom and value driven mobile apps services. Our team includes experts who have worked on major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development.

Whatever may be the mobile apps requirement, we have the right set of people to design and develop it. Significantly, our mobile apps expertise covers enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps.

JPC Techno Inc develops mobile apps for all the popular operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows. Our specialization includes developing critical, data and performance intensive mobile apps. We leverage on innovative cloud services. These include iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks.

Maintenance & Support
JPC Techno Inc addresses the basic need for software application support and maintenance services; one, to enhance and extend the life of the applications, second to maintain and transform business-critical applications as per the changing business needs. We aim to offer support and maintenance services that provide operational, tactical and strategic benefits.

Our software support and maintenance services assure secure and high performance applications. We adhere to ITIL/ISO 20000 compliant processes, which help customers to achieve faster time to market, improved operational efficiency, reduced cost of operations, and improved productivity for strategic initiatives.

JPC Techno Inc offers a multi-level support and maintenance service. Our approach is four-fold: Corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective. Our support and maintenance services are available as flexible commercial models - managed services, professional services, BOT and Outcome based pricing.

Depending on the nature of work and immediacy of the client's establishment, we extend support and maintenance at flexible timings of 8x5, 12x5, 16x7 and 24x7.

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